Meeting: 8 July 2016– Social Networking and Threshold Concepts

There was only one article this month:

Rush, L. (2016) Use of Social Networking Site Consumer Training to Teach Information Literacy Threshold Concepts,  The Journal of Creative Library Practice [Online] 31 May. Available from:




Meeting: 25 April 2016- The Authentic Self and Teaching Practice

The third meeting of the LAST Professional Reading Club took place on Monday, 25 April and the theme was “the authentic self and teaching practice”.

The articles selected were:

Enomoto, J. (2015). What I Learned as a Social Worker that Helped Me to Become a Better Teaching Librarian. Florida Libraries, 58(2), 14-18.

Kreber, C., & Klampfleitner, M. (2013). Lecturers’ and Students’ Conceptions of Authenticity in Teaching and Actual Teacher Actions and Attributes Students Perceive as Helpful. Higher Education: The International Journal Of Higher Education And Educational Planning, 66(4), 463-487.

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Meeting: 2 March 2016 — Librarians as Researchers


The second meeting of the LAST Professional Reading Club took place on Wednesday, 2 March.  From a suggestion at the inaugural meeting, the theme was “Librarians as Researchers” and the following articles were selected:

Picton, Miggie (2016) Facilitating a research culture in an academic library: top down and bottom up approaches, New Library World, Vol. 117 Iss: 1/2, pp.105 – 127
McCluskey, Clare (2013) Being an embedded research librarian: supporting research by being a researcher.  Journal of Information Literacy, vol. 7, no. 2 pp. 4-14.

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Inaugural Meeting: 29 January 2016– Assessment, Retention and the Academic Library


Friday, the 29th of January, marked the inaugural  meeting of the LAST Professional Reading Club.  The first two articles we selected (as they appeared to relate to the new Education Strategy) were:

Murray, A.(2015) “Academic Libraries and High-Impact Practices for Student Retention: Library Deans’ Perspectives,” portal: Libraries and the Academy. 15(3), 471-487. The Johns Hopkins University Press. ( )

MacAyeal, G. (2014) “A culture of assessment: Five mindsets,” College and Research Libraries News. June (75) pp.311-312 ( )

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