Meeting: 31 August 2016- Academic Librarians and Continuing Professional Development

This meeting of the LAST Professional Reading Club took place on Wednesday, 31 August and the theme was “Academic Librarians and CPD”.

The articles selected were:Corcoran , Maura & McGuinness , Claire, (2014),’Keeping ahead of the curve’, Library Management, Vol. 35 (3), pp. 175 – 98.
Amanda Nichols Hess, (2016) ‘A Case Study of Job Embedded Learning’, portal: Libraries and the Academy, Vol. 16 (2), pp. 327-347.

The group discussed the different types of CPD we might like to have access to, and the barriers we felt stopped us from accessing the training we needed. We thought it might be worth revisiting the skills audit that some of us undertook some time ago, to see where we feel we need to develop our skills.

We thought it was important that training is available for roles we might wish to take on in future-such as sessions relating to leadership and management skills. Erin pointed out that we can ask to go on some of the training offered in People Development under the “ILM” badge. Many of us agreed that our role is changing, and we are often expected to use new technologies, without having the time and space to learn about these. There is also an element on not wanting to tred on anyone’s toes-asking to go on training by being told it is more suitable for someone else.

An idea we liked that was mentioned in the Corcoran and McGuiness article was an amount of amount of money being assigned to each staff member, for their own CPD. We discussed membership of CILIP, and the importance (or not) of revalidation. We agreed it was important to use each other as sources of support- do team members need to be more explicit in offering support, e.g. saying- ‘I am happy to assist people who have not written an article before’.