Meeting: 25 April 2016- The Authentic Self and Teaching Practice

The third meeting of the LAST Professional Reading Club took place on Monday, 25 April and the theme was “the authentic self and teaching practice”.

The articles selected were:

Enomoto, J. (2015). What I Learned as a Social Worker that Helped Me to Become a Better Teaching Librarian. Florida Libraries, 58(2), 14-18.

Kreber, C., & Klampfleitner, M. (2013). Lecturers’ and Students’ Conceptions of Authenticity in Teaching and Actual Teacher Actions and Attributes Students Perceive as Helpful. Higher Education: The International Journal Of Higher Education And Educational Planning, 66(4), 463-487.

The group discussed the different dimensions of authenticity and what this means to our practice, including emotional dimensions.  There was an agreement that being genuine and honest was necessary to be an effective teacher, as was the skill of admitting when you don’t know something.  Finally, there was a discussion around enabling versus empowering, and how we can sometimes ignore our own advice to leave silence before offering an answer.

We concluded by deciding that the next meeting would explore threshold concepts and the use of social media.



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