Meeting: 2 March 2016 — Librarians as Researchers


The second meeting of the LAST Professional Reading Club took place on Wednesday, 2 March.  From a suggestion at the inaugural meeting, the theme was “Librarians as Researchers” and the following articles were selected:

Picton, Miggie (2016) Facilitating a research culture in an academic library: top down and bottom up approaches, New Library World, Vol. 117 Iss: 1/2, pp.105 – 127
McCluskey, Clare (2013) Being an embedded research librarian: supporting research by being a researcher.  Journal of Information Literacy, vol. 7, no. 2 pp. 4-14.

The group discussed how these two articles felt lesscomfortable and more challenging than the previous articles.    There was a discussion on how we might start to conduct research within the LAST team, and whether the approaches outlined by McCluskey and Picton could work within our environment.  There was, however, agreement with some of the approaches outlined by Picton, particularly in the areas of skills development and peer support, which were felt to be integral if the team were to become involved in the doing of research as opposed to the supporting of research.  A discussion of current challenges and barriers to the team conducting research followed.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about the next meeting and Karen C. and Katherine T. offered to  select next month’s journal articles, possibly around the theme of authentic self and teaching practice.


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